2012 Courses

 1 – Students are invited to consult: Embryodynamics from Prof. Dr. Radivoj Krstic. University of Lausanne and Shakok sàrl, Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland. Embryodinamics is a colection of 56 animations that explain the development of tissues and organs in the human embryo.

A demo can be downloaded free here:


2 – Lab Activities: Students are invited to develope technics of diafanization in Compared Embryology. Monday mornings and afternoons at the lab of Prof. Rodolfo Avila. Applicants send mail to:

3 – Virtual Course of Human Embryology: Biological, ethical and social aspects.

Applicants send mail to:

More courses available soon.

Current courses

– Congenital Malformations associated with the use of Drugs. Pharmacology Department, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Orient University. Santiago, Cuba. December, 2005.

– New didactic resources for the Teaching of Histology and Embryology. XXVI Chilean Congress of Anatomy. VII Congress of Anatomy of the South Region. Program of Anatomy and Biology for the Development (ICBM). Chilean Society of Anatomy. Medicine Faculty, University of Chile. October 12th to 15th, 2005.

– Postgrade Course: New trends on the Teaching/Learning of Morphological Sciences. Academic Direction, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile. October 12th and 13th, 2005.

– Scientific Workshop: Use of Information and Comunication Technologies in the teaching of Morphological Sciences. Matanzas, Cuba. July, 2008.

– Workshop: Teaching and Research in Morphological Sciences. Histology Department, Basic Sciences and Pre-clinical Institute Victoria de Giron. La Habana, Cuba. July, 2008.

– Histological Basis of Pathology. 2nd Cellular Biology, Histology and Embryology Cathedra, Faculty of Medical Sciences, National University of Cordoba. December 10th-19th, 2008.

– Course: Update in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Cordoba’s Clinical Oncologist Assosiation and Cordoba’s Research Group in Oncology. Cordoba. March 26th-27th, 2010.

– Special Topics: Ethics in Research: Scientific misbehavior. 30 hours. Paulist Estate University. Botucatu’s Campus. Medicine Faculty of Botucatu. June, 2011.